Welcome to Eagle Auto Stripping

The primary services offered by Eagle Auto Stripping are blasting and painting. The various blasting techniques we use allows for paint and rust removal from essentially any surface including steel, aluminum, sheet metal, fiberglass, and plastic. Although Eagle Auto Stripping specializes in preparing automobiles and antiques for restoration, we blast everything from bulk steel to iron skillets. In addition, we specialize in glass bead blasting of food grade stainless.


The painting services provided by Eagle Auto Stripping range from large to small and include semi tractors and trailers, heavy equipment, tankers, dump trucks, dump beds, lawn furniture, iron beds, and utility trailers. We also specialize in custom and specialty coatings.

Considering a tough project ahead with paint stripping involved? We are the Midwest’s one-stop-shop for all your paint removal needs.

Below is a list of a few of the items we commonly work on.

  • Antique coffee grinders.
  • Car parts including intake & exhaust manifolds, valve covers, fenders, hoods, doors, deck lids, and other misc engine parts.
  • Motorcycle frames, tanks, fenders, and other misc parts.
  • ATV frames.
  • Aluminum and Fiberglass boats.
  • Antique iron beds.
  • Gliders.
  • Lawn furniture.
  • Aluminum and Steel wheels.
  • Antique ceiling tins.

Email: Questions? contact us at info@eagleautostripping.net

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