Antique Restoration

All the antiques in this picture were plastic media blasted to remove the old finish, glass bead blasted to remove the rust, and then professionally refinished at Gas From The Past.

One of the first questions you face when repainting or restoring your antiques is whether to strip the old finish or paint over it. For the longest-lasting and best-looking job, you are always better off stripping the antique down to bare metal. You face two risks if you don’t remove the old finish. First, any new primer, sealer or topcoat can react negatively with the old paint underneath. Secondly, you run the risk of premature failure of the new paint. The best paint in the world is only as good as what’s beneath it. If you choose to paint over the old finish and it begins to crack or lift, you’ve wasted a lot of time and money.

When you decide to remove an old finish, there are several methods available. Sandblasting is not a good option as it will warp and pit the metal. Chemical strippers are time consuming. If the finish is a thick layer of baked on enamel, stripping can take twice as long. Chemical stripping is messy as well as potentially toxic. Disposing of the waste can be complicated. Chemical strippers are not cheap. They average around $30 per gallon. Finally, you will need to remove the residue from the base material THOROUGHLY. Any leftover chemicals in crevices will ruin your new paint job through continued chemical reaction.

Today there is an alternative to both sandblasting and chemical stripping. Its called plastic media blasting. Plastic media blasting has become a popular way to strip paint in recent years. Although similar to sandblasting, new media has been developed to allow much greater control over what material is removed and how much is removed. The greatest advantage to plastic media blasting is that it will not warp or pit the metal. Choosing the right professional to gently and carefully remove the old finish is very important. It’s possible for an inexperienced technician to damage or even ruin a part by using improper media or methods that are too aggressive.

At Eagle Auto Stripping, we specialize in removing paint and rust from antiques. We use a combination of plastic and glass beads to gently and carefully remove the old finish and rust from antiques. If you are thinking about restoring your antique, call the experts at Eagle Auto Stripping and have the paint and rust professionally removed. In the end you will be glad you spent the extra time and money to prepare the metal correctly. It’s the best way to ensure the quality and longevity of the new paint.

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