Plastic Bead Blasting

When you think of “sandblasting”, it sounds very simple. Initially it was, but new technologies have developed such as “plastic media stripping”. This new method uses plastic granules instead of silica sand. These granules are harder than paint but softer than the base material, whether it’s steel, aluminum or fiberglass. Using a high-volume, low pressure application, the media will cut, shear and lift the paint without affecting the substrate.

Plastic media blasting is a kinder, gentler method of stripping, allowing layers of paint to be removed individually, leaving the primer and/or body filler. If desired, everything can be removed, but this technology allows great control over how much of the paint and primer is removed.

That’s VERY important to Corvette owners, since the paint can be removed without damaging the gel-coat.

Plastic media stripping is NOT a backyard operation. It requires far different equipment and knowledge than sandblasting. Plastic media stripping offers significant advantages. It’s easy to clean the plastic out of body crevices using only an air gun or vacuum cleaner. Also, since it is a dry process, there is no flash rust after stripping. Perhaps most importantly, the plastic won’t warp or pit the metal. It’s non-corrosive and safe for fiberglass, plastics, aluminum, urethane bumper covers, and anodized metals.

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